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nqc_elite's Journal

NQC Elitists
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This is NQC Elite. For the more elite in the community, or those who have superb writing skills and or are all around nice people who I/we like a lot. Thats basically it. Only thing is, sextina has to add you. But thats only one of the minor obstacles. ;)

Rules to Apply to NQC Elite
1. You must have been in NQC for at least three weeks to join. We don't want what I like to call the "spring flingers", or the people who make a journal over the weekend and then never update again. This also goes for people adopting journals.
2. You must be reccomended by one of the moderators. Point blank. There is no way to get in. The moderators are changed from time to time, so a list is under all the rules.
3. If you're in a fight with someone, deal with it. Fight in NQC_broadcast, or in your personal journals. Thats what they're there for.
4. Don't bug the mods to add you. Ask once, and ask nicely. If we like you and think you are a good writer, you'll be let in, no sweat.

Maintainer: Christina Aguilera
Moderators: Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick, Heather Chasez, and Britney Spears.

Note: Moderators don't do actual work on the community, they just say people they want to be added. The end. Period.

DISCLAIMER: WE ARE IN NO WAY THE REAL CELEBRITIES. We just play along with a community called Not Quite Celebrity, and act like it. Yep, we're fake. The end. Don't IM us.